What does EF Core give me out of the box?

As you might know, EF Core is brand new and it has long ways to go before reaching parity with EF 6.x, although some of the features that were murky in EF 6.x will probably never be added to EF Core.

That being said, it has some very good features that not only make the transition from EF 6.x to EF Core smoother, it’s also a lot of fun learning some of goodness of this otherwise new shiny tool.

Make no bones about it. EF Core is production ready and there are a lot features that you can already take advantage of. For example:

  • It’s constantly evolving and Microsoft is betting on it for its success going forward
  • It has the familiar APIs that we are used to like DbContext, DBSet etc.
  • It has full .NET Support in addition to being cross platform (can run on iOS, Linux, Android)
  • It is highly composable and hence lightweight
  • It is built from Ground Up and has APIs that highly performant
  • It supports Relational Databases and will have support for NoSQL databases in the future
  • The entire EF Core stack is open sourced on Github

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