Why is EF Core so blazing fast than its Predesessor?

It’s worth noting that EF Core is a brand new shiny tool from Microsoft that has been built from the ground up. It is lightweight, extensible and it comes with a plethora of new features when compared with EF 6.x.

Now, when it comes to performance, in just about all possible scenarios where tests have been conducted on CRUD related operations, EF Core has invariably outperformed EF 6.x. This is despite EF 6.x code having been tweaked for maximum optimization against somewhat naïve EF Core code, and yet coming out as a winner. So this begs the question…why is EF Core so much faster?

Well, the answer lies in the following:

  • Caching
  • Batching
  • Faster Initialization to build object models (conceptual model, mappings, storage etc.)

Stay tuned for more!!

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